Partner with US

We want to partner with you if you are one of the following

    You are an Ad Agency

    You are Online Marketing Agency (SEO, SMM, PPC)

    You are Direct Mail Marketing Agency

    You are solution provider to any of the categories listed

    You are a sales professional with ability to generate leads from your network

    You have product or service that relates to one of our categories

    You are looking for investment

Types of Partnership

  1. Lead Partner

  2. It is easiest tier to make money by introducing your contacts who might need our products and services. We do all the work while you check on your leads once in a while. You can see the progress on our sales process and conversions in your dashboard.

  3. Reseller

  4. When you are already in sales for your product or service, and see the need for our product, introduce and sell our product as a part of your product or service package. We together would work in formulating the configuration of our product and services that best fit your client’s needs.

  5. Affiliate

  6. If you have website or blog and want to promote our product banners, you can sign up at our affiliate program

  7. Integration Partner

  8. You will do work to acquire and manage your client. You will also design solutions for your clients with our assistance. We will guide and provide assistance needed to develop the solution. Depending on capabilities and available schedules we together will work on implementing client solution. It would be partnership and split based on your involvement in solution delivery.

  9. Sales Partner

  10. If you do not have a product or service or a website, you would still be able to sell our products and services as sales partner. You can generate leads and sell our products and services in assigned territories. We will provide all the tools, literature, sales assistance and training. You would have higher commission when you become Sales Partner. However there are minimum quotas to meet annually.

  11. Product Partner

  12. If you have product idea and knowhow in industry for your product idea. We could develop product for you with our platform tools and assist you in building brand, sales, support and management. It would be true partnership and revenue sharing depending on our investments.

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